Mazarine Memom

A natural artist, Mazarine Memom took up Art as her major in the 10th grade just to make school life easier and right away won a state award. What got her truly hooked to Art was her school trip to Bombay's famous Jehangir Art Gallery. Having discovered the gallery, she would often walk there with friends in her lunch break to admire the works of Indian masters and other upcoming artists. This inspired her to pursue a degree in Applied Art at Bombay's Sophia College where for five years she trained to be a Commercial Artist. A free spirit at heart, she did not enjoy her career as an art director in advertising. Since quitting advertising, she wondered in and out of jobs like animation, window displays, even corporate headhunting and marketing before re-discovering her inner artist.
She has a simplistic definition of art -- It must be aesthetic, creative, have a story to tell, and at a minimum demonstrate the artist's skill with the medium not his prior reputation or the fame of his other pieces. Each piece must stand on its own merit.
Mazarine is skilled in a variety of mediums, but her favourite medium is Acrylics and Inks on Canvas. She is a realistic abstract artist, and she describes her unique style as “mysteries in colour.” Her “mysteries in colour” are always inspired by real people, but you need to work through the clues before the painting reveals its subject. Sometimes you get it right away, at other times it takes a while.

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