Neda Mirbagheri

“There is no specific idea at the beginning… colors call to me to blend them and roll them on canvas. I paint as if I am weaving colors, inspired by my heart and mind and the canvas has the ultimate power to stop my thoughts until the time next time. It’s the colors call and the canvas’s cut!”
Born in Iran, Neda Mirbagheri has made Toronto her home since 2013 prior to that, she lived in southeast Asia. Neda began her study of painting through private classes while in high school. Neda's passion is to paint. Her art education is mainly self-directed and she has attended in various painting workshops and classes to hone her painting skills in drawing and oil painting. Neda's style is inspired by a simple amalgamation of Persian carpets and Gabbeh. She translates the traditional geometry of carpets to the modern abstract art. Her formal degrees are in engineering and management and also drawing and Sculpture course (OCAD University, Toronto). Currently, Neda cooperates with Gardiner Museum as an artist and volunteer where she contributes her international contemporary art and business expertise to educate and provide cultural engagement to the visitors of the gallery.