Custom Framing

With custom framing, the price reflects the personalization, assortment process, design time, know-how and excellence of the product made exclusively for you. Each custom frame is hand-made one at a time. We, at Lawrence Frame will work with you to plan and craft a picture frame that will bring you viewing pleasure for years to come.

Our competently designed and crafted picture frames will balance and add to the items they enclose. They will safeguard and conserve the piece and work well with the room's interior decoration. The item will be supplied with the appropriate hooks and be ready to hang.

Cost depends upon size, which mat(s) you choose, and most importantly which frame you choose. The price you pay for the service to put it all together is moderate and you are far better off letting us do it rather than just buying the frame and mat and trying to save money by doing it yourself. It is very unlikely you would have the right equipment and materials to do a proper job.

Come to our place and look at the artwork presented in our store. This is a good indication of the type of framing we are capable of doing. Our personnel will ask you what your requirements are and then offer proposals and options to accomplish your preferred result.


Non Glare Glass Conservation Glass UltraView Glass Museum Glass
45% blocks UV light 99% blocks UV light 65% blocks UV light 99% blocks UV light
89% light transmission 89% light transmission 98.5% light transmission 97% light transmission
8% light reflection 8% light reflection 1% light reflection 1% light reflection