Shadow Box Framing

A shadow box is an enclosed case with a scene or object(s) that has been particularly designed to let light pass through from only one angle, so that objects within are less at risk of being damaged by light. However, it’s the perfect solution to protect and display massive or large memorabilia and sentimental possessions because of the added space between the front of the frame and the back. Often there are several inches of space to place larger memorabilia items inside of them. They're used to put on view everything from articles of clothing to flags to arms. Shadow boxes are ideal to display jewelry, collectibles, museum artwork, and general gift ware. Shadow boxes can be hung or recessed into a wall. They are fully assembled and ready to install. The Lawrence Frame will create them in the dimension you need. Just give us the width, height and depth requested.

You also can use our shadow boxes as window displays. It is a simple and low-cost way to stop and draw traffic into your store. Small lit shadow boxes will help you to organize your goods in a clean and professional way in your retail store. Shadow boxes can be used as a way to display mementos from many different types of events. They make extraordinary gifts as well as own decorations. Some examples include:
Baby - Birth announcement, booties, rattle, spoon, hospital photo
Wedding - Invitation, favor, sample menu, wine glasses, wedding portrait, cake topper
Graduation - Tassel, program, cap, graduation photo
Heritage - Heirlooms, jewelry, vintage fabrics, heritage photos