Glass Replacement

Picture glass can be broken fairly easily! With glass picture frames, the complete frame is made out of glass. If it's broken, your only alternative is to get a new frame. This is one of the negative aspect of glass frames. For wooden frames, on the other hand, you can simply replace the glass, and in most cases, the photo or painting won't even be damaged!
At Lawrence Frame, we always find out how the glass became broken in order to prevent it from occurring again. The most probable reason is an inappropriate hanging device, such as the use of an standard nail in the wall instead of the appropriate hanging hook or a perhaps the artwork is too heavy for the hook that was used.
Whatever the reason, Lawrence Frame is here to help!
In order to prevent picture glass from breaking in the first place; here are a few helpful hints.
Don't hang picture frames unless they are secured. Many people hang picture frames on small nails. Because of this, a broken picture frame is inevitable. Make sure your frames are stable and have multiple contact points if you're going to be hanging them up.
Don't lean picture frames on small tables. Often, picture frames are accidentally knocked over. If the frame is on a small table, it can fall and break.